Watford Close of Season /Open Club Championships

Programme of Events Sunday 4th April 2004
The programme is subject to availablity of officials and helpers

10.00hrs to 12.00hrs Minors competition Maximum of three events
We will need parents to help out

Due to Operational Difficulties there will be no High Jump or Pole Vault

Maximum 4 Attempts at Throws and Long Jump

School Year 1/2 	75m 400m LJ
School Year 3/4 	80m 600m LJ Cricket Ball 
School Year 5/6 	80m 600m LJ Cricket Ball 55m Hurdles
School year 6/7		Either compete with 9/10s or in the Open Competition
11.30hrs Open events all other age groups. 

(Under 13s and above) (Age 11 upwards)

No of events according to age group 

We will need help with officiating the field events.

Field events please pre-enter

12.00	5000m/3000m         	12.00	Javelin		Long Jump

12.30	100m

13.00	300m/400m      		13.00	Discus		

13.30	1500m/mile 			Shot (Age groups may be split)

13.45	Hurdles

14.00	200m   			14.00	Shot 

14.30	800m           		14.30	Triple Jump

15.00	S. C           		15.00   Hammer

15.30	Relays

Entry 		Minors 2-00 Others 2-00 for three events

Enquiries 	Keith Dearing (01727) 864222

		Vaughan Tayler (01923) 235279